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Welcome to Axelli MC Welcome to Axelli MC

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Season 2 is almost here!

In Season 2 we will be bringing a lot of new features and functionality.

New server design, better spawners, more currencies, new builds, trackable stats, better vouchers, better items, more variety, and new GUIs.

Join us now for a whole new way of minecrafting. 

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Daily bosses

Earn exclusive rewards to help with progressing.

Daily quests

Complete quests and earn rewards to enhance your experience.

Spawner upgrading

Upgrade your spawners and unlock special drops.

Custom enchants

Try out our fair enchants to help you out in skyblock.

Enchant upgrading

Bypass vanilla means and create your own OP tools.

Player abilities

Rank up and unlock abilities to help yourself out.

Enterprise level hardware & environment.

Our server is setup on top of Google’s Cloud Compute Engine with top of the line specs,  Advanced  DDoS protection, Load Balancing, Automatic garbage collection and custom security protocols to ensure the safety and integrity of our server.

Forums and Discord server.

Join our Discord server to keep up with all changes, announcements, upcoming events, real time ticket system with 24/7 online staff. 

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Tebex Web Store

Visit our Web Store to purchase Ranks, Bundles, Currencies, Cosmetics, Boosters and many more. Daily Deals and Crazy Weekend Discounts!

Visit our Web Store

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are are some questions  we usually get asked a lot. 

They usually last 4-6 months.

Yes they are.

Yes we do. You may visit it here.

Yes we do. You may visit it here.

Yes they do. Just place it on another spawner.

You can report it either on our discord or on our forums.

During an event, the command /event rewards will always be available.

Still have a question? Reach out to us: hello@axelli.net

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